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Why choose FixItRalph LTD?

FixItRalph is unlike any other service you will find!

We support our customers every step of the way with our expert support team!

Along with support, we have years of training and can diagnose faults with great ease, reducing the wait time involved in returning your device fully repaired.

We specialise in same-day, walk-in services so we can handle the pressure of fast passed turn-around times.

At FixItRalph, we have many examples of our work,
many uploaded to our social media accounts, we aim to start blog posts here as well!

Located in Manor Royal, we have a very large double office space with
 some of the latest and greatest technology in store to ensure the absolute best quality of service possible!

If you have any questions, we are on hand 6 days a week for support!

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Our Location

Unit C1 Windsor Place,
Faraday Road,
Manor Royal,
RH10 9TF

Social Media + Reviews

The most important part of any service is knowing you can trust the destination.
FixItRalph prides in a 100% positive feedback on all of our rating platforms.
This includes

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Although we do not repair Apple macs ourselves, we would be glad to recommend 
My Computer Works - Mac Rehab

My Computer Works specialises in the following repairs:

– Apple Mac board repair
– Water damage Macs
– Graphics cards

Plus more!

FixItRalph Covers:
– Mac
– Laptop
Plus more!

Web design

Although we are not currently advertising our website services,
We can design your website for you at a very competitive price!

See our examples of websites we have built for others!
Burrowes Roofing LTD

CTM Recruitment (in process)

Iphone back glass repair
Iphone and android unlocking


When we purchase parts for our customer's devices, we pay premium prices on parts to ensure the quality is of the highest standard, no cheap eBay parts that break within a week!

Because we order such good quality parts, we are happy to offer a 90-day, no-hassle warranty on every service we provide!


Absolutely not!

We will never wipe any data from your device, a repair will not result in your data being lost!
If for any reason we need to wipe your data, we will contact you in advance.

We will not be able to recover your data from a faulty device without purchasing a data recovery package or repairing the device for you to recover the data yourself

Turnaround time?

We aim to get this job completed within 2 to 5 business days from collection to return.

If we will need to take longer than this time, we will make contact to discuss this with you

If you are not sure if this service is for you or have additional questions, please CONTACT us!